[R] How to create polygons from voronoi objects in tripack?

Hisaji ONO ono96 at fa2.so-net.ne.jp
Sat Apr 14 22:32:36 CEST 2001


 I'd like to convert voronois object created by tripack to polygons to use
them in GIS(Geographic Information Systems) software.  I tried to create
voronoi objects by using following code.

> library(tripack)
> x <- rnorm(10)
> y <- rnorm(10)
> plot(x,y)
> v<-voronoi.mosaic(x,y)
> plot(v)

 But from here, I could not create polygons.

 Of course, I know v$n1..3 -- node info, v$x and v$y coordinates. But I only
create lines from them.

 For triangulation(Delaunay) object, there is trinagle object form which I
can create polygon. But for Voronoi, there's no polygon object which has
constructed "Voronoi" polygons.

Does anyone know how to do this solution?

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