TR: [R] Scripting capabilities for R

Paul E Johnson pauljohn at
Fri Jun 15 20:05:28 CEST 2001

I'm sorry that I was not reading this long thread until now.

Prof Brian Ripley wrote:
> Meanwhile, anyone offering anything for the original request, which
> appears to be editable windows like the script windows of S-PLUS 2000,
> simpler to use than ESS?

I think the original request was a good one. I was using both Stata and
SPSS last month and both have a small, feature limited script editor (In
stata it is the do file editor, I think spss automatically opens its
editor when you do file/open on some code).  

In concept, it is the same as source ("filename") right after you use
notepad to edit filename, but more convenient.  I don't want syntax
highlighting, command completion, or anything like that, just the
ability to open a file, edit it, run it through R, and save it.  

I'd be interested in helping to write an addon that does this, expept I
don't know how it would be done across all platforms.  SOmething with
the Gnome toolkit would probably be pretty easy, maybe we could get bye
with just glib and gtk+ and make something that is statically compiled,
so users don't need to install glib/gdk+ on their Windows systems.  Is
there R-gnome anymore?  SOmeone is working on this already?  Should I be
going into the R-devel list with this?

I don't have anything against ESS for this purpose, except that the
learning curve is pretty steep and it is time consuming for me to
constantly install new editions of Emacs and maintain so many addon
packages on many machines.  Something that came automagically ready with
R would make life easier.
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