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Christian Hoffmann christian.hoffmann at wsl.ch
Mon May 28 10:19:09 CEST 2001


Arrows is currently definded as:

arrows(x0, y0, x1, y1, length = 0.25, angle = 30, code = 2,
       col = par("fg"), lty = NULL, lwd = par("lwd"), xpd = FALSE)

length       length of the edges of the arrow head (in inches).

This definition is very rigid, the user has to convert inches on
screen/paper to user coordinates. I would suggest to add a paramter
"inches" like in "symbols":

symbols(x, y, circles, squares, rectangles, stars,
        thermometers, boxplots, inches=TRUE, add=FALSE,
        fg=1, bg=NA, xlab = "", ylab = "", xlim = NULL,
        ylim = NULL, ...)
inches    If inches is FALSE, the units are taken to be those of the x
axis. If inches is TRUE, the symbols are scaled so that the largest symbol
is one inch in height. If a number is given the symbols are scaled to make
largest symbol this height in inches.

As for the geometric length of the arrow heads in "arrows" with the new
parameter "inches": 
inches=FALSE: no problem (?)
inches=TRUE: no problem (?) 
inches=<number>: no problem (?).

Thanks for your consideration.
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