[R] error compiling R-1.3.1 from source on WinNT

Liaw, Andy andy_liaw at merck.com
Mon Sep 3 04:53:29 CEST 2001

Dear R-help,

I have encountered some errors when trying to compile R-1.3.1 from source on
my WinNT4SP6 laptop (PII w/128MB RAM).  I have installed all the tools
following the instruction in src/gnuwin32/INSTALL, with the exception that
the mingw compiler I have might be a bit older (they are the ones
recommended for R-1.3.0, I believe).  I have also compiled the ATLAS
libraries from source using the cygwin compilers.

The first time through, I managed to compile R as well as all the base
packages.  However, when I started R and tried to get help (and help.search,
too), I got an error message about unzip.  I looked in the help
subdirectories, and they do not contain the zip files that are suppose to be

Not knowing what to do, I re-started from scrach (meaning I did a "make
distclean" from src/gnuwin32 and "make BUILD=mingw32" again).  This time I
did notice some error messages when compiling help files.  Not only that, it
also failed to compile loess in the modreg package.  The abbreviated errors
are as follows:

{Typical error #1: get it for all packages.}
make -C ./help RHOME=C:/Rtools/R-1.3.1 PKGDIR=C:/Rtools/R-1.3.1/src/library
RLIB=C:/Rtools/R-1.3.1/library ziponlyhelp-base
make[2]: Entering directory `/cygdrive/c/Rtools/R-1.3.1/src/gnuwin32/help'
zip -jqmX help/Rhelp help/* -x help/AnIndex 2> nul
make[3]: [zipup] Error 12 (ignored)
zip -jqmX R-ex/Rex R-ex/*.R 2> nul
make[3]: [zipup] Error 12 (ignored)
zip -jqmX latex/Rhelp latex/*.tex 2> nul
make[3]: [zipup] Error 12 (ignored)

{Typical error #2: also get it for all packages.}

make  --no-print-directory -C C:/Rtools/R-1.3.1/src/library/base/chm -f
C:/Rtools/R-1.3.1/src/gnuwin32/help/Makefile base.chm
hhc base.hhp
Microsoft HTML Help Compiler 4.74.8702

Compiling c:\Rtools\R-1.3.1\src\library\base\chm\base.chm

Compile time: 0 minutes, 29 seconds
626     Topics
3,454   Local links
23      Internet links
1       Graphic

Created c:\Rtools\R-1.3.1\src\library\base\chm\base.chm, 887,735 bytes
Compression decreased file by 1,537,524 bytes.
make[3]: [base.chm] Error 1 (ignored)
mkdir -p C:/Rtools/R-1.3.1/library/base/chtml
cp C:/Rtools/R-1.3.1/src/library/base/chm/base.chm

gcc  --shared -s  -o modreg.dll modreg.def modreg.a modreg_res.o
-LC:/Rtools/R-1.3.1/src/gnuwin32  -L/Rtools/ATLAS/lib/WinNT_PII -lcblas
-lf77blas -latlas -lR

modreg.a(loessf.o)(.text+0x172e):loessf.f: undefined reference to `pow_dd'
modreg.a(loessf.o)(.text+0x1749):loessf.f: undefined reference to `pow_dd'
modreg.a(loessf.o)(.text+0x1810):loessf.f: undefined reference to `pow_dd'
modreg.a(loessf.o)(.text+0x1825):loessf.f: undefined reference to `pow_dd'
modreg.a(ppr.o)(.text+0x2d27):ppr.f: undefined reference to `pow_dd'
modreg.a(sslvrg.o)(.text+0x8c):sslvrg.f: more undefined references to
`pow_dd' follow

Can anyone help?  I'm really clueless at this point...  Any help is much

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