[R] Array as time series?

Christian Georges christian.georges at uibk.ac.at
Thu Sep 6 16:47:58 CEST 2001

Dear R-helpers,

I have 4-dimensional atmospheric data (x,y,z,t), which I want to analyse
on spatio-temporal diversities.
As far as I understand there only exists the possibility to construct
time series as two-dimensional matrices (mts).
For the moment, I hold it in different objects:

1. a four-dimensional array for the spatial related analyses
2. a two-dimensional mts timeserie, which was derived from 1. by
computing spatial means.

But, still this doesn't help for combined spatio-temporal analysis.

One could regard the time dimension as just another linearily spaced
dimension in the four-dimensional array, but when it comes analyses and
graphics output it gets complicated, since one can't use all timeseries
(ts-) related functions (require ts attributes).

Could you provide me some comments, workarounds or your experiences on
similar problems.

Thanks in advance,

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