[R] chi square residuals

Fred Jean Frederic.Jean at univ-brest.fr
Mon Jul 1 12:29:23 CEST 2002

dear list,

I'm a newbie with R but it seems very interesting to me.
First, to train myself and students, I'd like to use it for teaching  labs next

one of my labs deals with the barn owl predation in my region. tudents have to
work on a contingency table  tytogrp :

 station1  station2  station3  ...
n1,1         n1,2       n1,3        ...
n2,1        n2,2        n2,3        ...
n3,1       ...             ...           ...

each column being a station and each row being a prey species.

first, they have to manage with a chi square test for heterogeneity.
I found how to manage that using chisq.test from package ctest
the main problem for me at this first step is to find a way to automatically
regroup rows just using a criterion like "expected < 5"  ; I didn't succeed for
this trick yet.

second, students have to calculate the normalized residuals of the
chisq.test  according to :

((obs-exp) / sqrt(exp)) / ((1-actual.row.sum / N)*(1-actual.col.sum / N))

with :
obs = observed freq
exp = expected freq
N = sum(obs)
actual.row.sum=sum of freq in the row
actual.col.sum=sum of freq in the column

and I don't succeed in trying to calculate these 2 last parameters....
here is the code I wrote, inspired by an email from Mark Myatt on 16 Apr 2001

"twoWay" <- function(x=NA, y=NA, userDefined=NA ) {
        if (is.na(userDefined)){
          result <- chisq.test(table(x,y))
          result <- chisq.test(userDefined)
        obs <- result$observed
        exp <- result$expected
        chi.table <- ((obs - exp)^2)/exp
        row.sum <- apply(obs,1,sum)
        col.sum <- apply(obs,2,sum)
        N <- sum(obs)
        fullArray <- cbind(obs,row.sum) 
        fullArray <- rbind(fullArray,c(col.sum,N))
        rownames(fullArray) <- c(rownames(obs), "Total") 
        colnames(fullArray) <- c(colnames(obs), "Total")
#  following doesn't work     
#  res.norm <- ((obs-exp)/sqrt(exp))/((1-row.sum/N)*(1-col.sum/N))
return(list(Complet=fullArray,Expected=exp,Chi=chi.table)) # add res.norm

thanks for any help (and sorry for my poor english)

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