[R] grouping in scatterplot3d

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.uni-dortmund.de
Wed Jul 3 23:02:03 CEST 2002

Rishabh Gupta wrote:
> Hi,
>     Thanks very much for your reply.
> I think what I was hoping for was a 3d version of boxplot. 
> Box plot will give me a median, the quartiles and the upper 
> and lower range for each group. If there is a function that 
> would give me the same information but for 3d plots, that is 
> really what I was hoping for.

Not really easy, but a quick hack can be done along the following lines
with scatterplot3d (in CRAN package of the same name):

 # data:
 z <- rnorm(100)
 x <- sample(1:5, size = 100, replace = TRUE) # categorial
 y <- sample(1:5, size = 100, replace = TRUE) # categorial

 # set up the plot without drawing, and save the returned functions
 # (see ?scatterplot3d section "Values"):
 s3d <- scatterplot3d(x, y, z, type = "n") 

 # Just a double loop, not speed issues if looping for such a plot - 
 # or plot cannot show anything:
 for(i in unique(x)){
   for(j in unique(y)){
     # calculate boxplot stats for this each plot group:
     bxp.st <- boxplot.stats(z[x==i & y==j]) 
     l <- length(bxp.st$out)
     # plot outliers:
     if(length(bxp.st$out) > 0) 
       s3d$points3d(rep(i, l), rep(j, l), bxp.st$out)
     # calculate "whiskers" and plot them:
     lines(s3d$xyz.convert(c(i, i), c(j, j), bxp.st$stats[c(1, 5)]))
     # calculate "box" and plot it:
     lines(s3d$xyz.convert(c(i, i), c(j, j), bxp.st$stats[c(2, 4)]), 
       lwd = 3)
     # plot the median:
     s3d$points3d(i, j, bxp.st$stats[3], pch = 18, col = "red")

Uwe Ligges
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