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Frederic Schutz schutz at wehi.EDU.AU
Thu Jul 4 02:40:08 CEST 2002

On Wed, 3 Jul 2002, ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk wrote: 

>> I'm writing a load of output to a file using cat(...), but I can't work
>> out how to turn off scientific notation for small numbers. When I
>> originally tried this a while a go I ended up building up a string
>> variable, which is rather clumsy...
> You can't in cat. The simplest idea is to use sprintf or formatC.

By the way, is the following result (R 1.5.0 and 1.5.1) expected ? As I
understand the help page (pasted below), format="fg" should not produce
numbers in the scientific format, but :

> formatC(9.4, digits=1, format="fg")
[1] " 9"
> formatC(9.5, digits=1, format="fg")
[1] "1e+01"
> formatC(9.9, digits=1, format="fg")
[1] "1e+01"
> formatC(10, digits=1, format="fg")
[1] "10"
> formatC(10.1, digits=1, format="fg")
[1] "10"
> formatC(10.9, digits=1, format="fg")
[1] "11"

>  format: equal to `"d"'  (for integers), `"f"', `"e"', `"E"', `"g"',
>          `"G"', `"fg"' (for reals), or `"s"' (for strings). Default is
>          `"d"' for integers, `"g"' for reals.
>          `"f"' gives numbers in the usual `xxx.xxx' format;  `"e"' and
>          `"E"' give `n.ddde+nn' or `n.dddE+nn' (scientific format);
>          `"g"' and `"G"' put `x[i]' into scientific format only if it
>          saves space to do so.
>          `"fg"' uses fixed format as `"f"', but `digits' as number of
>          significant digits.  Note that this can lead to quite long
>          result strings, see examples below.

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