[R] RODBC & Problems with Sybase Database

Christian Schulz c.schulz at metrinomics.de
Fri Jun 7 14:54:03 CEST 2002

Hi ,
i start a mail-thread about ODBC Problems with Sybase  30.05.2002.

this works [;-)]
channel.Sybase <- 
sybase.query  <- sqlQuery(channel.Sybase,"SELECT * FROM 
DATA.EXPORT_EXAMPLE",errors=T,as="data frame", 


Christian Schulz wrote:

> Ok, i  test/understand that a object what work with any
> RODBC function should not have any  point or something other special 
> sign  in the name.
> I follow the recommendation from Prof. Ripley and change the sqlFetch 
> function, but
> the error message is the same.
> My problem is (1.)  that the name of the tables in th db have all the 
> name structure  DATA.EXPORT_NAME 
> and i understand that  .EXPORT_NAME cause the problems.
> Should i do the same like "juli g. pausas (13.May.2002)" with the loop 
> & noms, that
> the modified function sqflFetch works (..but it's not so easy,because
> list.file(pattern="DATA.EXPORT")  is difficult,because the DataBase is 
> a  Server and not my localMachine ?
> When it works, i get all tables with the name DATA.EXPORT in a list ?
> many thanks for suggestions
> & regards,Christian
> ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk wrote:
>>On Thu, 30 May 2002, Christian Schulz wrote:
>>>i  would like import Data from Sybase DataBase to R-1.5.0 via RODBC.
>>>With this i get a connection without problems !
>>>channel <- odbcConnect("ODBCName","LoginName","LoginPass")
>>>dataSybase  <-  sqlFetch(channel,"EPORT_XYZ")
>>>,but when i try this i get a message error ?
>>>(Perhaps the _ is a problem, i know that's i.e. not usual to name
>>>objects with _ in R ?)
>>It is. Search the archives for a workaround I posted a few days ago.

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