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Luca De Benedictis debene at unimc.it
Wed Jun 12 10:24:35 CEST 2002

Dear friends,
I have been following the help-list in the next two months and I would
like to tell how much I admire the effort of such a great teem of R
expert. I am learning a lot. Thank you.

My problem is the following. I work with a fairly large data set (700
productive sectors, 70 countries, 25 years) and I am applying kernel
density (using MASS or sm) to sectoral exports which have markedly
skewed distributions, so I do the analysis on a log scale.
What I would like when I plot histograms or densities is to have on the
horizontal axis not the value y which is equal to log(x) but the
expression log(x) itself (i.e. log(0.3), log(1), log(34),...)

I have played a little bit with names.arg :
plot(density(log(x[,3]),width=0.4, names.arg="log(x)")

but I was not very successful. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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