[R] tabulate means & NA

Christian Schulz c.schulz at metrinomics.de
Thu Jun 20 11:33:06 CEST 2002

... uups embarrassingly
Thanks !

Peter Dalgaard BSA wrote:

>Christian Schulz <c.schulz at metrinomics.de> writes:
>>i have some problems to get means, but the data have got
>>NA's  which should not be replaced or delete !
>>tapply(data,var,mean)     # makes me problem,because when one value is
>>NA mean is NA,too.
>>Another attempt is this, because the summary  does what i want , but
>>is not subsetable to summary[4]  if i use tapply,table  and the the
>>function below gives me
>>again all means as NA ?
>>   xmean  <- function (var) {
>>       summary(var)[4]  }
>> apply(data,2,xmean)      Thanks for any suggestion & regards,Christian
>tapply(data,var,mean, na.rm=TRUE)

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