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Martin Henry H. Stevens HStevens at muohio.edu
Tue Jun 25 21:21:40 CEST 2002

To encourage faculty who desire a GUI, I would just like to throw my 2 
cents in as both a "student" of statistics and faculty member in botany:
Command line approaches allow me to replicate my work, and allow my 
students to replicate their work, AND allow me to replicate my students' 
work. The beautiful introductions to, or samples of, the command line 
interface included in, for example, Paradis, Maindonald, Venables and 
Ripley, Pinheiro and Bates provide the psychological boast required for 
non-computer folks, and over the weeks of a course (or months of a project) 
students can get used to the command line approach. My God! They've been 
getting by with SAS for years!

For what it was worth,

At 01:07 PM 6/25/2002, A.J. Rossini wrote:
> >>>>> "tony" == Tony Plate <tplate at blackmesacapital.com> writes:
>     tony> Maybe something of wider value than a GUI (for teaching and other
>     tony> purposes) could be an interface like that in Mathematica (and 
> Maple?),
>     tony> which supports mathematical notation and plots in a command window.
>     tony> This allows showing students exactly what they need to do to
>     tony> accomplish some task, and well as the all the output they 
> should see.
>Suprisingly enough, 80% of what is needed to make this work does exist
>(and a bit more work would finish it off).  However, it doesn't exist
>using the particular tools many of those would want to see (there is a
>bit more work to do to make ESS + SWeave + Noweb + XEmacs do precisely
>this, but it suffers from the same problems mentioned for the GUI
>(lack of time, comparatively "amateur" (others' words/opinions, not
>necessarily mine) interface compared to say a half-decent MS Windows
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