[R] Building own packages on Windows 2000!

Witold Eryk Wolski wolski at molgen.mpg.de
Thu May 2 20:26:19 CEST 2002

Hi Uwe!

Thanks. The key to solve this problem was the output of your tar program.
I had a different tar. Setting the tools directory first  in the path 
variable solved the problem.

But solving  one problem leads to the next.
now i have a file called
mypackage.tar.gz generated by
 >rcmd build mypackage
But i am still working with windows 2000?
I expected to find a zip file.

I know that I am asking trivial questions but I want to come after a few 
hours to an end.

I a missing in R extension a more detailed step by step description with 
some examples.
To whom send proposals of change to the R extensions manual.  I am also 
willing to writ one step by step descriptin for windows 2000.

Sincerely Eryk

The output of tar --version is:
C:\prog\R\rw1041\myfiles\test>tar --version
tar: Unknown option "--version"
Usage: tar -{crtux}[lpmovwzU[0-7[lmh]]] [-b blocks]
           [-f tarfile] [-V volpattern] [file [-C pathname] ...]

But for sure it is the tar that i downloaded with the tools from the cran.

Uwe Ligges wrote:

>Witold Eryk Wolski wrote:
>>I encountered some things trying to build own packages under Windows
>>2000 for which i found no answer in the documentation.
>>1. I do not found the rcmd.exe in the bin directory of R_HOME.
>>  I installed R using the setup.exe
>>2. I updated the R intatllation with one of the zip files. (rw1041sp.zip)
>>now i had the rcmd.exe in the bin.
>>3. I do not found any hint in the docu that perl is needed.
>>4. I even do not found any hint that there are shared modules and that i
>>can be necessary to add an
>>PERL5LIB path to the enviroment variables to use them and i still do not
>>know if it is necessary.
>>Anyway, after few hours and some print statements i figured out that
>>system("tar chXf $exclude $filepath $pkgname"); in the build file called
>>rcmd build
>>C:\prog\R\rw1041\myfiles\test>rcmd build --use-zip masspec
>>Its Windows MAN
>>** Options  --use-zip for --binary ignored
>>* checking for file `masspec/DESCRIPTION' ... OK
>>* preparing `masspec':
>>* cleaning src
>>its ok
>>* checking whether `INDEX' is up-to-date ... OK
>>* checking whether `data/00Index' is up-to-date ... OK
>>* removing junk files
>>* building `masspec_0.1.tar.gz'
>>something wrong!!!!!!!!!!
>>tar: Unknown option "-hXf"
>>Usage: tar -{crtux}[lpmovwzU[0-7[lmh]]] [-b blocks]
>>            [-f tarfile] [-V volpattern] [file [-C pathname] ...]
>>masspec_0.1.tar: No such file or directory
>>even i have the tools for windows installed.
>>I really want to build and install my own packages! I am out of ideas now!
>>Can anyone give me a hint?
>>(is there a mailing list for R-Ms Windows?)
>>Sinerely Eryk
>What does tar --version say (my version is GNU tar 1.13.19)?
>Did you set "." in your path, the tools at first, then gcc-2.95.3 and
>also perl-5.6.1?

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