[R] Viewing certain numbers without NA's

Patrick Buetzberger patrick at giub.unibe.ch
Mon May 6 09:52:07 CEST 2002

Dear R Community,

We have recently installed R 1.5.0 on several workstations. Ever since,
if I try to extract certain numbers or lines from a file (which contains

many NA's), I don't only get my desired line but all other lines which
contain NA's. In a file with 15000 rows and 7500 NA's this is not very
practical. In the earlier R-Version this worked when I typed in the

a <- konz[konz[,17] == 1061 | konz[,17] == 1017,4:17]

In this case, vector 'a' contained columns 4:17 of every row in file
'konz' in which column 17 equaled 1061 or 1017, and nothing else. Since
R 1.5.0 is installed I also get all rows in which row 17 of 'konz'
contains NA's (and that's many).

Any hint how I can avoid this?

Thanks, Patrick Buetzberger
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