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jimi adams adams.644 at osu.edu
Tue May 7 02:15:19 CEST 2002

i previously sent in the message below
and i got several responses back, that work, however, now i am running into 
a different problem
i used the following line to read in the file:

temp.file<- readLines("")

i was then recommended to use:

lapply(strsplit(temp.file,"*", as.numeric)

to convert this to a list
the only problem is that the file that i am reading in has values ranging 
from 1:10000, and this splits it out into individual numeric characters... 
not the initial values (e.g., 876 returns as 8, 7, & 6)
i think i figured out how to do this if the values were all of the same 
length, but they are not, so i am wondering if there is some sort of split 
command that is equivalent to what sep="" does when writing...rather than 
being defined by a specific numeric value.

ultimately what i want is:
if the initial file which looks like:
1 412 2000
2 4
3 8888

to become a list:
412 2000

thanks in advance.

i have a set of  files that i am reading into R one at a time and applying 
to a function that i have written
where each is a 'table' n (columns) x 10000 (rows)
n varies across the files and most of the rows only have data in the first 
few columns
currently i am reading them in with the command:
read.table(file="", header=FALSE, sep="", skip=13, fill=, 
row.names=1, nrows=10000)->list

***and it works fine
however we are now working with a huge table.
i was wondering if there is a more efficient way to read this in

IDEALLY i would like to have it as a list where each element is a row from 
the input file, eliminating all of the NA's that the above approach results 
in , such that i would have a list with 10000 elements and each of variable 
length from 1:n

any help greatly appreciated
jimi adams
Department of Sociology
The Ohio State University
300 Bricker Hall
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Columbus, OH 43210-1353

our mind has a remarkable ability to think of contents as being independent 
of the act of thinking
                                             -georg simmel

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