[R] Spatio-temporal analysis of homicide rates

Maurizio Pisati maurizio.pisati at galactica.it
Mon May 13 20:21:02 CEST 2002

Dear R-listers,
I would like to carry out a very basic descriptive analysis of homicides 
rates in Italy, taking into account both the spatial dimension (103 
provinces) and the temporal dimension (10 years), but no covariates. In 
practice, what I would like to do is to describe spatio-temporal variation 
of homicide rates, identifying those combinations of province-year where 
the homicide rate is either over- or underrepresented based on Poisson 
Is it possible to carry out such an analysis with R? If so, what package 
should be preferred? GLMMGibbs, geoRglm, and function glmmPQL in MASS 
package sound as possible choices to me, but I'm no expert of this kind of 
analysis and I'd much appreciate any indication.
Thank you very much for any help and best regards,
Maurizio Pisati

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