Fwd: Re: [R] Combining many dataframes from listings of objects?

Derek Eder Derek.Eder at neuro.gu.se
Wed May 15 15:34:47 CEST 2002

> I want to combine (rbind) many dataframes into a single data frame, but "automatically" 
> specifying the names of the dataframes as listing of object names.
> E.g., combine these 18 df objects into one big df using something conceptually like this :
> rbind(objects(pattern="*.df"))

Brian Ripley suggested that something along the lines of:  do.call("rbind", objects(pattern="*.df"))  

But I can't make this fly on vectors.  E.g.,  

>  objects.of.desire_objects(pattern="*.df")
> do.call("rbind.data.frame",list(as.name(objects.of.desire)))  # do.call needs a list and must be of class 'name'

Unfortunately, only the first data.frame in the series is read and returned.

Any further nudges along the right direction anyone?


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