[R] RODBC & Problems with Sybase Database

Christian Schulz c.schulz at metrinomics.de
Thu May 30 14:10:55 CEST 2002

Ok, i  test/understand that a object what work with any
RODBC function should not have any  point or something other special 
sign  in the name.

I follow the recommendation from Prof. Ripley and change the sqlFetch 
function, but
the error message is the same.
My problem is (1.)  that the name of the tables in th db have all the 
name structure  DATA.EXPORT_NAME 
and i understand that  .EXPORT_NAME cause the problems.

Should i do the same like "juli g. pausas (13.May.2002)" with the loop & 
noms, that
the modified function sqflFetch works (..but it's not so easy,because
list.file(pattern="DATA.EXPORT")  is difficult,because the DataBase is a 
 Server and not my localMachine ?

When it works, i get all tables with the name DATA.EXPORT in a list ?

many thanks for suggestions
& regards,Christian

ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk wrote:

>On Thu, 30 May 2002, Christian Schulz wrote:
>>i  would like import Data from Sybase DataBase to R-1.5.0 via RODBC.
>>With this i get a connection without problems !
>>channel <- odbcConnect("ODBCName","LoginName","LoginPass")
>>dataSybase  <-  sqlFetch(channel,"EPORT_XYZ")
>>,but when i try this i get a message error ?
>>(Perhaps the _ is a problem, i know that's i.e. not usual to name
>>objects with _ in R ?)
>It is. Search the archives for a workaround I posted a few days ago.

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