[R] Extracting p-values from modeling

Howard Alper halper at health.nyc.gov
Fri Aug 1 21:05:43 CEST 2003


  I have being conducting some (conditional logistic) regressions
(clr), and I'm interested in extracting and manipulating (as a number)
the p-values.  (This is a prelude to some power simulations, where I'll
generate data sets, perform a clr on each data set, and then extract the
p-value for calculation of the power.)  From what I can tell, the
p-value is not one of the quantities for which there is a predefined
variable for extraction (such as coef), and I haven't yet been able to
extract the p-value (or anything) from the modeling object or its

  Is there any command for what I want to do, or some workaround?

  Thanks so much.

  Howard Alper

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