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Dr. Mark Johnson. markjj at post.cz
Sat Aug 2 09:21:17 CEST 2003

Dear Sir/madam, 

I am Dr.Mark Johnson the Chairman Contract Award committee
Headquaters in Lagos, Nigeria. I have no reason to
doubt your honesty and credibility 
hence I make this proposal to you. Please with utmost

I have the mandate of my possition in office to
solicit for your assistance for a deal I want to
execute, my Corporation(NNPC) awarded a contract of
US$86,700.000.00(Eighty-six Million, seven hundred 
Thousand U.S. Dollars) to a foreign firm to supply
Rig& Drilling equipments for Kaduna Refinery here in
Nigeria but becuase of my position, this contract was
over invoiced to US$115,300,000.00(One hundred and
fifteen Million, three hundred thousand U.S. Dollars 

All arrangements have been concluded on how this money
will be moved been the over invoiced sum but My
constraints lies on the fact that I required a foreign
firm or individual account number where the money will
be paid into; whose owner will be portrayed as a
contract beneficiary of fund.Infact that is why I am
writting you this letter. 

NOTE: There is no risk involved as i have taken
care,looholes covered. As a civil servant, we are
aware that some financial assistance would be required
to conclude this job,To this effect, 5% would be
earmarked to cover all the expences(Local and
International). This is because the process would pass
through some Directors in the Ministry of Fianace and
the Central bank of Nigeria(CBN). These officials
might require some tips to facilitate payment without
delay since they are not aware of the deal. 

Please, should you be willing to assist, I shall
require the following informations from you to enable
us put claim immediately. Your bank name, address and
Account Number, Fax number of the Bank where the money
will be transfered into. 

I want to sincerely request for your immediate
assistance and co-operation for our mutual benefit,
I'm willing to give a reasonable percentage at the end
of the transaction, you can also suggest to me how
much you may wish to take as your percentage out of
the total sum. But should you not be in the position
to assist, this deal has to remain a secret till the
end of time. It is important I mention that I am a top
Government functionary who have put in years of
service to this country. for the mentainance of
personal intergrity and prestige of all person
involved in this transaction, you are implored to
avoid discussing this transaction with a third party
as that could jeopardize entire transaction. 

You may open a seperate bank account in any country
for this purpose if you wish. All arrangemens for this
quarter payment for the year 2003 have been properly
organised and further action awaits your 
immediate response. Hurry and send to me the account
number where the money will be tranfered into, so that
we can start to process for the approval of this
payment,also forward to me all your contacts
information where you can be reach both Tel/Fax
numbers,on your respond let it be by private fax line.

Best Regards, 
Dr. Mark Johnson.
Chairman, Contract Award Commitee(NNPC)

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