[R] Problem with data.frames

Simon Fear Simon.Fear at synequanon.com
Mon Aug 4 13:57:38 CEST 2003

What I meant by "like library()" is that this function ensures that a
(or should I say package?) does not get loaded twice / duplicated in the
search path. Of course attach() is not the same as library(). Nor is it
same as with() - I just thought it might be useful if the help pages
to each other. Because I have programmed for years using attach() and
detach() and only very recently discovered with() (which is nearly
what I want since I work mostly with scripts).

> So how can you tell if the data frame is on the search list

"my.dframe" %in% search() ?

Does anyone have an example of a case where attaching the same data
twice would be useful?

Thanks Prof R. for (another) reminder to read the code - I'm always
forgetting to look there. RTFC, Simon!


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On Mon, 4 Aug 2003, Simon Fear wrote:

> Peter is right, but there is a point here: it would be nice if
> attach(my.dframe) would do nothing - or at least warn - if my.dframe
> already in the search list. Like library(). Attaching twice is almost

It is not like library().  attach attaches a copy of the data frame, and
it can be altered subsequently. So how can you tell if the data frame is
on the search list.  I suspect it is quite common to create an object
called `tmp' and put it on the search list for a while.  library()
that you have not reinstalled a loaded package (and if you have you
get inconsistent results).

> bound
> to be an error?

Not at all.

> Of course in many circumstances it might be better to use with() than
> attach() - if you haven't come across with(), it works like attach()
> with an
> inbuilt detach() when the parentheses close.
> Aside 1: it would also be nice if ?attach pointed to ?with. Is this
> of
> suggestion best sent to r-help or r-devel?

I don't see they do the same job, especially not in an interactive 
session (which is when attach() is most usefully used in this way).

> Aside 2: is with() efficient, or does it create a copy of the dataset?
It does not create a copy, as you can see from the code (it uses a 
three-argument eval).

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