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You believed right - I do indeed lack the vision of others to foresee
practical need to attach and detach within a recursive function, except
perhaps for my own amusement. Should I do the recursive call in between
attach and detach, I wonder? Wouldn't it all be fun, watching that
path grow and grow, before the function eventually hit the first detach!
just imagine the hilarity you could have, attaching and detaching at
different positions! I could have a thousand identical data sets, all

It's one of the many situations in which I would very much like to get a
warning or error message, pointing out to me that I had absolutely no
what I was doing.

Surely that's what warnings are for? For those of us who wonder why our
doesn't do what we think it should, until a long time after the


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Think about what happens if you call a function recursively, e.g. by 
Recall(), and that function includes an attach/detach pair.

I believe it is your vision that is too limited, not other people's.

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