[R] new version of Rcmdr package

John Fox jfox at mcmaster.ca
Thu Aug 7 15:09:30 CEST 2003

Dear list members,

I've uploaded a new version of the Rcmdr package to CRAN. There are many 
additions and (I hope) improvements, as indicated in the relevant portion 
of the CHANGES file, reproduced below. As usual, comments, suggestions, and 
bug reports are appreciated.



Version 0.8-4

     o Minor bug fixes and additional input-error checks (many suggested by 
Tony Christensen).

     o Documentation for Recode, Compute, linearModel, and 
generalizedLinearModel dialogs. More extensive documentation for the Commander.

     o Changes to list*() utility functions to ensure that all objects of a 
given class are found, and not masked by local variables or objects in the 
base package.

     o Many small changes to ensure that objects in the global environment 
are not masked by objects in the base package.

     o Added Graphs -> Line graph.

Version 0.9-0

     o More flexible customization. All config files are now in the etc 
subdirectory, including:

       - Rcmdr-menus.txt: defines the Rcmdr menus

       - log-exceptions.txt: a list of functions that are prevented from 
printing output when executed from the log window.

       - compareModels.demo: contains a demonstration of how to add a 
dialog to Rcmdr. Rename this file to compareModels.R and uncomment the 
corresponding menu-definition line in Rcmdr-menus.txt.

     o Some more functions in the package are exported to support writing 

     o Made active-data-set and active-model "information fields" into 
buttons that can be used to select the active data set and model.

     o Added "Subset active data set", "Remove cases with missing data", 
and "Set case names" to Data -> Active data set menu.

     o Added many error checks for adequate variables in the active data set.

     o Ensured that focus returns to the proper window after an error.

     o Commands generated by View and Edit Data Set buttons now appear in 
the log and sessions windows.

     o As an option, bound double-left-mouse-click to default button in all 

     o Added more sophisticated interface for linearModel and 
generalizedLinearModel dialogs (suggested by Bob Stine).

     o Where appropriate, previous field-values are retained in linearModel 
and generalizedLinearModel dialogs (suggested by Sandy Weisberg). Models 
are numbered.

     o Generalized-linear models dialog now only shows appropriate links 
for the currently selected family.

     o Added "Data -> New data set" menu, which opens data editor with 
empty data frame.

     o Much improved stem-and-leaf display using stem.leaf function 
(courtesy of Peter Wolf).

     o Added "grab.focus" option to allow disabling focus grabs on systems 
where this causes problem.

     o Added "File -> Options" menu to set options and restart the Commander.

     o On exit, the Commander cleans up global variables used for program 
control (from correspondence with Kjetil Brinchmann Halvorsen).

     o Added distribution plots to the Distributions menu (suggested by Yan 

     o Small interface changes and bug fixes.

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