[R] predict(lm(etc.), some_data) -> "numeric envir arg not of length one " ???

Bruce LaZerte mail at fwr.on.ca
Thu Aug 7 16:35:39 CEST 2003

I've got a data frame with two numeric variables, df$flow and df$flow1.

> tl <- lm(flow~flow1,df,na.action=na.exclude)
> tlo <- loess(flow~flow1,df,na.action=na.exclude)

Both loess and a simple linear model fit the data well. 
summary(tl) and summary(tlo) seem reasonable. As do plots such as: 

I want to replace missing values of  df$flow from df$flow1:

> p <- is.na(df$flow) 
> df$flow[p] <- predict(tl,df$flow1[p])
Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos) : numeric envir arg not of length one

> df$flow[p]<- predict(tlo,df$flow1[p])
This loess prediction works however.

Could someone explain the linear model's "numeric envir arg not of length one" error for me?

Thanks in advance ...
Bruce L.
Bruce LaZerte 
Grandview Lake in Muskoka
Baysville, Ontario, Canada

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