[R] tutorials of seao & seao-gui package for R

Kurt Sys kurt.sys at UGent.be
Tue Aug 12 17:07:11 CEST 2003


I did answer the question, but didn't send it to the R mailing
I'm working on it, any questions may be sent to me, I'm still working
on the functionallity right now... Examples will be included later.


Mail from Uwe Ligges
sent on Tuesday August 12 2003 at 16:52 (GMT+0200):

   Hisaji Ono wrote:
   > Hi.
   > I've been very interested in your seao & seao-gui package for R.
   > However manuals of seao & seao-gui package for R have doesn't
   > include examples, so I can't understand how to use them.
   > Could you tell me availability of tutorials of them in English.
   Since there was no answer from the package maintainer, AFAICS:
   Please ask the package maintainer directly, when specific questions
   to contributed packages arise (Kurt Sys <kurt.sys at UGent.be>
   maintains both packages, see library(help = seao)).
   Uwe Ligges
   R-help at stat.math.ethz.ch mailing list

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