[R] Crosstabs

Gerhard Prade gerhard.prade at uni-bielefeld.de
Tue Aug 12 22:03:25 CEST 2003

Hello all,

i think i am to silly.  I have installed R 1.7.1 (2003-06-16). Installed
some packages like xtables ore xml. I tried out this to installing
packages. Then i tried to make a crosstable like i know it from spss.
They say in this list that it would be going.
I made a table in asci-format, seperated with tabs or blanks and than i
use something like this:


ok. that works.

than i want make a crosstables with the first and the second variable.

i tried ftable with something like that:



ftable(soz, col.vars = 1:2)

For me it is a quiz what the corect syntax for this is.
I want get something like this:

Question 1.1
What is your age?

		PC-User	     Linux-User   Windows-User

0-10 Years	10%   10     20%   20     30%	30

10-20 Years	50%   50     70%   70     40%   40

over 20 Years	40%   40     10%   10     30%   30

Summary		100%  100    100%  100    100%   100

Can anybody help and send me a example for the correct way and the 
syntax i must use to get this? I dont understand the manual, because the 
ways from r is very different to spss-syntax, i think.

Thanks, Gerhard

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