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Chris Evans chris1 at psyctc.org
Thu Aug 14 14:06:21 CEST 2003

On 30 Jul 2003 at 19:01, Chris Evans wrote:

> I am keen to look at Rcgi as I want to put up some simple bits of R to
> do prescribed tasks on HTML form input.  Rweb is overkill and
> worryingly flexible for what I want and it sounds as if Rcgi is more
> what I need.  However, I can't get any of the URLs I've found for it
> to work over the last few days.  
> Does anyone have a recent copy they could Email me or a working URL
> for it?

Replying to myself to have this documented in the list archives.  I 
had found the pointer to RCGI from the R-FAQ:

However, http://stats.mth.uea.ac.uk/Rcgi/ remains offline and Email 
to Mark J. Ray bounces and I see that someone was asking if the 
project was dead back in 2001 so I guess it should be removed from 
the FAQ and I've Emailed Kurt Hornik to suggest that he changes that 
section of the FAQ to remove Rcgi and add the excellent CGIwithR 
package which does just what I want.  Thanks to David Firth for 
writing it and to both he and Adelchi Azzalini for pointing it out to 
me ... and to everyone on the R enterprise for this wonderful tool.

Trivial, less impressive than Adelchi Azzalini's example:    
but I am underway with the sorts of things I wanted to do:

One afterthought: does anyone have any ideas about how to secure 
GGIwithR to prevent some idiot simply hitting repeatedly with a small 
script to get a DoS on any server running it?  I suspect there may be 
throtting settings I can use in Apache or even calls to the system 
inside R to check how many instances of it are running ... but I 
suspect that others are cleverer than I am at this sort of thing .... 
or just less paranoid?!

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