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Andrew C. Ward s195404 at student.uq.edu.au
Fri Aug 15 15:09:18 CEST 2003

Dear Dassy,

It's not clear if you actually had
(or whatever) inside the panel function. If not, then the
horizontal lines from panel.abline() are probably all you
could expect to get. Also, you may need to make use of the
subscripts argument to panel functions to get the correct
line drawn in each panel. I believe you already have several
examples of doing this (including one from me).


Andrew C. Ward

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Quoting "Brunschwig, Hadassa {PDMM~Basel}" 

> Hello everyone
> I've got another question on Trellis plots. I plotted my
> fitted model with plot(augPred(fitted model)). According
> to the description of this method, one can use any
> optional argument which is passed down to the xyplot
> function for Trellis plots. Additionally to the trivial
> plot i would like to insert a horizontal line. I tried to
> do it with the argument 
> panel= function (...) {panel.abline(vector wich contains
> a value for each panel to draw a horizontal line on the y
> axis)}. 
> The plot was overridden by this statement and i got
> panels with horizontal lines ( in each panel the whole
> vector was drawn).
> How can do this differently?
> Thanks a lot for answers.
> Dassy
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