[R] Is there a package for digitizing or reading jpegs, ets. in R?

M.Kondrin mkondrin at hppi.troitsk.ru
Sat Aug 16 04:57:37 CEST 2003

Peter Hovmand wrote:
> I'm interested in digitizing some scanned time series, and looking for a 
> solution that is easy and flexible. I thought I might be able to use R's 
> locator() if I could get the image into a device. I noticed that there 
> are some packages like (rimage), but it (a) doesn't seem to be available 
> for the Windows version and forces me to upgrade a bunch of libraries 
> for my linux system. It seems like someone should have something for 
> digitizing maps and/or there something very obvious that I am missing 
> here. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
> Peter
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As far as I know there is no ready to use digitizer package for R, but 
instead of a rimage you can try pixmap package (although it requires 
images in pnm format - that is more memory consuming then jpeg one)

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