[R] equivalent of Splus command axis(..., srt=45, adj=1) in R

Marco Bianchi M.Bianchi at nrcl.com
Sat Aug 16 19:45:21 CEST 2003

Dear R-users
moving from Splus to R (under Windows), I notice that command "srt" within a
plot in the original Splus code is ignored by R.
For example, if a plot something and then include the line of code

	axis(1, at=Time, labels=Text, srt=45, adj=1)

the srt=45 command within the axis() command fails to draw Text at 45
degrees on the x-axis in R but it works properly in Splus.
I will go through the relevant documentation in the R manuals but if anyone
has already had this problem and/or knows the corresponding command of
srt=45 in R, please let me know.

Kind regards
Marco Bianchi

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