[R] How to reinstall rpart?

David Parkhurst parkhurs at ariel.ucs.indiana.edu
Sun Aug 17 17:50:35 CEST 2003

Thanks to Uwe Ligges, who wrote:

> Since Ko-Kang Kevin Wang already told that the usage of the generic
> plot() instead of its method plot.rpart() (same for text() and
> text.rpart(); interestingly you haven't tried print.rpart() instead of
> print()) is the solution of your first questions (for details see the
> article on Namespaces in the recent R News), let's take a look at the
> second:
What threw me off here was a difference between splus and R.  I had used
plot.rpart and text.rpart successfully in splus, and then I copied my
entries from a text file, and tried to use them in R.  I forgot that the
previous usage had been with splus.

> Windows locks DLLs that are in use, so I guess the package rpart was in
> use while you tried to reinstall. See the R for Windows FAQ 3.8 for
> details. You can uninstall packages manually as well: Just delete the
> packages directory (as the default, it's
> .../rw1071/library/PackageName).
I don't think the package was in use at the time.  I had exitted from R,
then called it up again without loading the rpart library, when I got the
error message I referred to.  (I had not rebooted the machine, however.)

Thanks to all for their suggestions.  I've fixed the first problem by using
plot instead of plot.rpart, and I've fixed the second by deleting the rpart
folder from libraries, and then reinstalling it from CRAN.


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