[R] graphics device

Brunschwig, Hadassa {PDMM~Basel} HADASSA.BRUNSCHWIG at Roche.COM
Thu Aug 21 11:51:01 CEST 2003

Hi all,

well i know this was probably already posted many times, couldnt find anything about it though. This is a beginner problem. I have a Trellis plot which is very large, i.e. it only shows me the last few panels (after going automatically through the first ones and stopping at the last few). When i scrole with PageUp or Page down it shows me the panels of a graph i did last time but not of the graph i plotted now. I also tried to use the dev.next() etc. functions but the showing doesnt change. I guess i dont really understand how these functions work but i would like to print the whole set of panels.

Thanks for reply


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