[R] Exporting R graphs

ucgamdo@ucl.ac.uk ucgamdo at ucl.ac.uk
Tue Aug 26 13:46:23 CEST 2003


	I have been a happy user of R for windows for more than a year, however,
recently, I started using linux as my operating system and now I have
practically switched completely. Of course, I still use R with linux,
however, certain nice features of R in windows seem to be missing or
hidden. I need help in basically two points:

1. In windows, I could copy the contents of a window graphic's device as a
windows metafile, and then I could paste the metafile into OpenOffice draw.
The advantage of doing this is that I could then manipulate my graph as a
vector object and get absolute control of every line, point, etc. I could
also paste several graphs in the same page and resize them arbitrarily,
which is a lot nicer than using the screen.split() or frame() functions in
R. Is there any equivalent method I could use to get R graphics into
OpenOffice draw in linux?, keeping the same functionality of course.

2. In windows, I could 'record' a graph, and then undo any changes made.
For example, if I misplaced a text label somewhere, I could go back and
place it again properly without having to re-plot everything again. I have
been browsing the R documentation and found some recording functions for
graphic devices but they do not seem to be exactly what I am looking for.
Is there any way I can access the display list of a device and change it?
Some of my plots are the product of tedious and long simulations which I
wouldn't like to repeat if I make a mistake labelling my plots, placing
legends, etc.

Thanks a lot for any help you can offer me,

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