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I asked the same question last week. As Brian Ripley, its author, said then 
(and others), the only way to see what's going on is to read the code. It's 
pretty complicated statistically (that's why the performance is so good!), 
many of the details are in chapter 2 of Pattern Recognition & Neural 
Networks. The upshot is that it's really not that easy to come up with a 
simple equation to encompass all of what lda.R does, unfortunately.

You can get the scaling factors programmatically for the centered variables 
by running coef() on the LDA object, or just using the 
'<lda_object>$scaling' That's a start, but there's a long way to go from 


At 09:24 AM 8/26/2003, you wrote:
>How can I extract the linear discriminant functions resulting from a LDA
>The coefficients are listed as a result from the analysis but I have not
>found a way to extract these programmatically. No refrences in the
>archives were found.
>Thank you very much,
>         Stefan
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