[R] rfImpute (for randomForest) crashed

David Parkhurst parkhurs at ariel.ucs.indiana.edu
Tue Aug 26 21:36:48 CEST 2003

In trying to execute this line in R (Version 1.7.1  (2003-06-16), under
windows XP pro), with the randomForest library (about two weeks old) loaded,
the program crashed:

bost4rf <- rfImpute(TargetDensity~.,data=bost4rf0)

Specifically, an XP dialog box popped up, saying “R for windows GUI
front-end has encountered a problem and needs to close.”  That was the
dialog saying asking whether I wanted to send a report to Microsoft (which I
chose not to do).

When I clicked on “To see what data this error report contains,” the gist

Error signature

appname: rgui.exe;  Appver: 1.71.30616.0;  Modname: randomforest.dll

Modver: 1.70.30416.0;   Offset:  00002bac

I’d appreciate any help anyone can provide in tracking down why this is
happening.  (I successfully used rfImpute earlier on a similar dataset from
another site.)

Thanks.  --Dave Parkhurst

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