[R] seeking help with with()

Simon Fear Simon.Fear at synequanon.com
Wed Aug 27 14:30:26 CEST 2003

I tried to define a function like:

fnx <- function(x, by.vars=Month)
  print(by(x, by.vars, summary))

But this doesn't work (does not find x$Month; unlike other functions,
such as
subset(), the INDICES argument to "by" does not look for variables in
x. Is fully documented, but I forget every time). So I tried using

fnxx <- function(x, by.vars=Month)
  print(with(x, by(x, by.vars, summary)))

Still fails to find object x$Month. 

I DO have a working solution (below) - this post is just to ask: Can
explain what happened to the with()?

FYI solutions are to call like this:

fnx(airquality, airquality$Month)

but this will not work generically - e.g. in my real application the
gets subsetted and by.vars needs to refer to the subsets. So redefine

fny <- function(x, by.vars=Month) {
  print(by(x, by.vars, summary))

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