[R] R workshop in Australia

Peter Dunn dunn at usq.edu.au
Thu Aug 28 01:59:43 CEST 2003

Need some help with R?

An R workshop, led by John Maindonald, is planned for the 1st October
at the University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Australia. The
workshop is being organised by the Queensland branch of the
Statistical Society of Australia as part of their conference.

The workshop consists of a morning session with John Maindonald,
the author of the forthcoming book  "Data Analysis and Graphics 
Using R: An Example-Based Approach" (with John Braun)

This will be followed by a closer look at some other R packages
in the afternoon (Bioconductor, nlme, etc).  

The cost for the one-day workshop is only $50 for the whole day
(includes notes, morning and afternoon tea,  but not lunch).

Anyone interested in attending can find out more by looking at 
Registration forms are available from 

Anyone is, of course, welcome to attend the conference also,
but it is not necessary if you just wish to attend the
R workshop.

Peter Dunn
Organising committee
Email: <dunn at usq.edu.au>

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