[R] Cook-distance-type plot (vertical bars)

Frank Gibbons fgibbons at hms.harvard.edu
Thu Aug 28 19:03:32 CEST 2003


Figure 13 of Emmanuel Paradis's "R for Beginners" was produced by termplot 
working on an aov object. The lower right-hand plot is labelled "Cook's 
distance plot", and I'd really like to produce a similar type of figure, 
but in a totally different context. (I'm not even sure what this kind of 
figure is called, perhaps an "impulse plot", where instead of a point at 
(x,y), there's a vertical bar running from the x-axis up to where the point 
would be).

Can anyone give me pointers on where to look for more info. I've had a look 
in the places I could think of (plot.lm.R, termplot.R, plot.R, aov.R), and 
couldn't find anything. Maybe I overlooked it?


-Frank Gibbons

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