[R] Cook-distance-type plot (vertical bars)

Spencer Graves spencer.graves at pdf.com
Thu Aug 28 20:25:46 CEST 2003

Have you looked at Modern Applied Statistics with S by Venables and 

hope this helps.  spencer graves

Frank Gibbons wrote:
> Thanks to all who responded, and so promptly too: it works exactly as 
> you describe.
>> >
>> > Figure 13 of Emmanuel Paradis's "R for Beginners" was produced by 
>> termplot
>> > working on an aov object.
>> No, it was produced by plot() working on a aov object, as its caption
>> indicates.  The termplot() is Figure 14.
> Thomas Lumley is quite right, it's produced by plot() (not termplot()), 
> and it is mentioned on p31 of "R for beginners". My mistake.
> In the interest of self education, is there a more comprehensive source 
> for plot-types that I should read? Ideally, this would be something with 
> lots of figures, so that I could browse the figures to find what I want 
> to do, and then look up how to do it. "R for Beginners" goes some way 
> along this path, but perhaps there's something more comprehensive?
> Thanks again,
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