[R] help.start() directory?

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Fri Jan 3 17:49:02 CET 2003

No, but as these are links you can bookmark the places they link to.

On 3 Jan 2003, Michael A. Miller wrote:

> The help for help.start says that
>   "All the packages in the known library trees are linked to
>   directory `.R' in the per-session temporary directory. The
>   links are re-made each time help.start is run, which should be
>   done after packages are installed, updated or removed."
> It used to be the case that this was the temporary directory was
> the .R directory in my home directory, but since I've upgraded to
> R 6.1, the help files are stored in /tmp/Rtmpxxx/.R, where
> Rtmpxxx is the result of a call to tempdir.  A side effect of
> this is that they are removed when ever I exit R and recreated
> when I start R and run help.start again.  I like to be able to
> have a couple book marks to my favorite parts of the help pages,
> but since the tempdir is different for each instance of R, that
> no longer works.  Is there a way to configure R to leave the help
> pages in a static location such as ~/.R?  Even if they get
> recreated each time I run help.start, I'd rather they always
> showed up in the same place.

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