[R] install problem: gpclib

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Tue Jan 14 19:36:05 CET 2003

Dear list,

I face some problems installing gpclib_1.0-1.tar.gz:

R : Copyright 2002, The R Development Core Team
Version 1.6.1  (2002-11-01)
system("R CMD INSTALL gpclib_1.0-1.tar.gz")
WARNING: ignoring environment value of R_HOME
ERROR: This R is version 1.5.0
       package 'gpclib' depends on R 1.6.1

The same happens with 
which cannot install the reposTools (same error message).

I was suggested to try above unusal install method as
reposTools from bioconductor is using it. Then I was suggested
to report this error here.

In general our R-161 installation (Linux/i686) works well.
Also running 'R CMD INSTALL ...' in a common shell is ok.
Only above method fails.

Does anyone have a suggestion for me?


Markus Neteler

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