[R] line colors in lattice.xyplot with png device.

Marc Mamin M.Mamin at intershop.de
Thu Jul 17 13:50:29 CEST 2003


R is very new for me, so excuse if my questions are too basic...

	BTW, are there any forum  where new R users could get help without 
	annoying this huge mailing list ?
In following code, I'd like to choose the color for each of the curve

png(filename = filename, width = 950, height = 600, pointsize = 10,  bg =
xyplot(HITS+MS1*3+FREQ~TIME   |SERVER*LOCAL, data=myd,allow.multiple = TRUE,
scales = "same", type="l")

another problem is that I don't get a white backgroud, which is quite
problematic when printing the output.
(I works on WIN2K)

and last but not least, is there a way to use 2 different y axis, i.e. curve
1& 2 => left axis, curve 3 => right axis ?

Sample codes would be welcome as I'm not yet used with the R syntax


Marc Mamin

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