[R] R program for MacOS9.2.2

Mark and Jenny markjenn at bigpond.net.au
Sat Jul 19 02:22:22 CEST 2003

Having trouble with this program which I have just downloaded for R program
for MacOS9.2.2. 

1. The download file on the CRAN site had a ? on the file to be downloaded.
Does this mean there is a problem with the file or does my computer have a
problem reading it?

2. On opening 'R' Initially comes up with Argument:____________ and choices
for console or file.    What am I supposed to enter here?

3. If I OK this and go to the 'copywright page, where it says to type
`demo()' for a demo it the comes up with a 'syntax error' What is a syntax

If you cannot help with these questions, please could you email the program
with instructions how to install and use as I can not make any sense of the
FTP site.
Apologies for my ignorance.

Many Thanks

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