[R] Plotting a function with curve()

Simon Fear Simon.Fear at synequanon.com
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Clue is in the error message ... "an expression containing x". Not y.

curve(x^2, from=0,to=1)

Think of plotting f(x), not calling it y.


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Why does
> curve(function(y) y^2, from=0,to=1)
not work, whereas
> myf <- function(y) y^2
> curve(myf, from=0,to=1)

For the former, I get the error message
Error in curve(function(y) y^2, from = 0, to = 1) : 
	'expr' must be a function or an expression containing 'x'

I'm using R1.7.0 under Windows XP.

Damon Wischik.

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