[R] Gauss user question

Ruud H. Koning info at rhkoning.com
Thu Apr 1 09:59:43 CEST 2004

I have used gauss for a number of years. It is my experience that R is
slower than gauss, but on the other hand R has much more functionality
available than gauss and that saves programming time (and time to debug).
The trick is of course to program efficiently in R, just as is the case
when you do ml in gauss. Ruud

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On 3/31/2004 at 5:58  Oleg Urminsky wrote:

>I have been using Gauss for doing maximum likelihood estimation of 
>somewhat complex models, and I am possibly interested in moving over to 
>R.  Does anyone have experience doing both?  My main concern is that my 
>models are very slow to estimate in Gauss; wondering if R is likely to 
>be faster or slower.
>Any feedback would be much appreciated!
>Thank you,
>Oleg Urminsky
>opu1 at columbia.edu
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