[R] "(de)linearizing" array indices

Tamas Papp tpapp at axelero.hu
Fri Apr 2 14:15:24 CEST 2004


I have a dynamic programming problem with many state variables, let's
call them l, n, m, etc.  The transition probabilities are originally
given in an array form, eg


give the probability of going from l,m,n to ll,mm,nn.

However, the numerical solution is best handled when I "flatten" the L
x M x N state space into a single one (call it S), ie a linear index,
so I can deal with the problem using simple matrix algebra.  After I
get the solution, I need to get back the original state variables.

At the moment I am using two functions like this:

pack <- function(l, m, n) {
  (((((l - 1) * M) + m - 1) * N) + n

unpack <- function(s) {
  s <- s - 1
  n <- s %% N + 1
  s <- s %/% N
  m <- s %% M + 1
  l <- s %/% M + 1
  list(l=l, m=m, n=n)

to convert between S and L x N x M.

Sure, it works, but looks ugly as hell.  And I am positive that I am
abusing the R language with the above code.  So could somebody give me
a nicer solution?



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