[R] picking out eigenvalues of 1

Tamas Papp tpapp at axelero.hu
Fri Apr 2 16:22:08 CEST 2004

After making

E <- eigen( something )

I would like to extract those eigenvectors which have an eigenvalue of
1.  If I had an isone() function, I would simply say


but the problem is that I have no such thing.  I found all.equal, so I
could test for all.equal(x, 1), but for complex numbers, I need to use
something like all.equal(x, 1+0i), don't I?

I tried writing one,

isone <- function (x) {
  sapply(E$values - rep(1+0i, 16), function (x) {
    if(identical(all.equal(x, 0+0i), TRUE)) TRUE else FALSE })

and it works, but looks like a complicated hack.  Would it be possible
to improve that?  The subtraction of 1+0i is there to make sure that
the result is complex.



PS.: I have been asking a lot of "it already works, but would it be
possible to do it better" questions.  I just want to learn the "way of
R", and this list seems to be the perfect place for that.  Sorry if I
am wasting anybody's time.

Tamás K. Papp
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