[R] Winding Number

Clint Bowman clint at ecy.wa.gov
Fri Apr 2 18:43:01 CEST 2004

I have shapefiles for the state climatic divisions for the United States
and read.shape brings them in wonderfully.  Now I wish to run through a
list of several thousand observation sites to find out in which division
each is located.  I figure that I can compute the winding number for each
site and be done.  However a search doesn't find any references and I
can't find a winding number function among the map/tools/stats.  I have
the code for an efficient C++ but was expecting that it would already be
implemented as an R function

Since I haven't used the map/tools/stats collection before, I suspect I'm 
overlooking the function and would be thankful for a pointer.



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