[R] x-only zoom and pan?

Randy Zelick zelickr at pdx.edu
Mon Apr 5 06:43:40 CEST 2004

Hello list,

Could the following be done without too much grief...?

Lets say I have two or three time series objects that I want to inspect
visually. Each I would plot with a y-offset so they stack up. They share
the same X scaling. The problem is that each is perhaps 100K values. Due
to the large number of values, features of the data sets cannot be seen
when all values are plotted.

What would be nice is to plot a fraction of the X range (say 10%). This
would be equivalent to zooming in the X direction. Then using a key
(ideally an arrow key), shift the viewing frame right or left to
effectively scroll through the data. So first you view 0-10%, then 10-20%
and so forth.

If necessary I can fabricate a vector with X values in it and plot(x,y)
instead of as time series, if this makes it any easier.

I am using a Windows version of R.



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