[R] Syntax Question

Clint Bowman clint at ecy.wa.gov
Tue Apr 6 23:28:40 CEST 2004

I have a large data structure that looks like:

> strsplit(st,",")[14395]
 [1] "KGEG"
 [2] "SA => KGEG"
 [3] "72785"
 [4] "47.62139"
 [5] "-117.52778"
 [6] "723"
 [7] "WA"
 [8] "US"
 [9] "2"
[11] "1"

I'd like to be able to retrieve, for example, the latitude 
as.numeric(strsplit(st,",")[[14395]][4]) and longitude 
as.numeric(strsplit(st,",")[[14395]][5]) for the entry in the structure 
where strsplit(st,",")[[14395]][5])=="KGEG" by specifying various station 
IDs.  That is, if I had a simpler structure I could formulate a 
logical index which would have something along the lines of 
as.numeric(st[st[1]=="KSEA"][4]) and it would return 47.62139.

Somewhere I'm getting all bollixed up with the indexing and keep getting 
sytax errors.  As you can see, the list is quite long (20K+) and I don't 
wish to have to look up each coordinate by hand.



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